• History of the company

    Medallion Pharm Group - is one of the pioneers in distribution services in Uzbekistan and one of the leading distribution companies in Uzbekistan, engaged in the import and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our goals are: excellence in the products and services we provide to meet the needs of the population. Medallion Pharm Group, as the exclusive agent and distributor, imports, distributes and markets pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratory reagents, skin care and beauty products. We aim to represent strong and reputable manufacturing companies.

  • Mission and values

    Our mission
    The pharmaceutical company Medallion Pharm Group is a company based on the trust, honest relationships with partners and employees. We build our business, relying on values ​​and traditions that have not changed since the foundation of the company. It is important for us to share our success with people who are engaged in our common business. We see our development in the joint solution of the problems that confront us and our clients. We constantly work on the efficiency of business processes and optimization of costs. Due to what we offer our customers the best conditions. Quality service is our pride. We provide our suppliers with reliable cooperation and the opportunity to be represented in every region of our country. We give our employees a sense of self-confidence and the opportunity for professional development.
    Our values
    We set high goals for ourselves and reach them with a sense of pride. We look at the world through the prism of limitless possibilities and overcome with excitement obstacles on the way to success.
    Professionalism for us is a fusion of reliability and effectiveness. Medallion Pharm Group is a time-tested company. We keep our promises and value the trust of partners. We work openly and honestly, taking care of the reputation of our company as reliable. A reliable company is responsible people, on whom you can always rely and be confident that they will fulfill their obligations. Effectiveness is the key word for us. We view all of our activities as a process aimed at achieving the goal.
    We appreciate in people an indifferent attitude to the common cause, the ability to listen and hear. Each member of the team is its important link, without which success will not be complete. We maintain warm relations within the team, based on family traditions of trust and good.
    Positive attitude
    Positive thinking is the foundation on which our attitude to life, to people, to ourselves is built. It has an amazing ability - it changes life for the better and inevitably leads to success. We know for sure!